Become A Business Owner In 30 Days

3 misconceptions that prevent you from becoming
a successful female entrepreneur

“Business is only for men and women with sharp elbows!”

Let’s take a slightly detached view: who was the first person in history to arrange, aggrandise and furnish
a household? A man or a woman? Ladies, since ancient times we have been the ones to take care of providing comfort to our fellow man! Our organisational skills in many respects surpass the skills of people who organise U2 concerts. In the morning, we need to get the kids ready for school, clean up, prepare meals for the whole day, do the shopping; later, pick up the kids from school, welcome our husband home, simultaneously while doing our own work, meeting the boss or clients’ requirements, looking good and keeping on smiling. Phew! Well, aren’t we just great? Let’s call a spade
a spade! Coco Chanel, Adele, Evita – all these women enhanced society with their spirit, did something great, without having to don a military helmet or wear
a moustache to do it…

“I need plenty of money for a start-up!”

Many companies that have become great businesses started literally from a living room: Haribo, Apple, Dior… It doesn’t matter how much money you have
now, but how you work with it. What you need is an idea, courage and implementation. Nobody has ever made money by dreaming of how much they will have one day. Every success story has a backstory. I’ll help you spread the word about yours! Oprah Winfrey, the inspirational motivational speaker, was born in grim conditions. She ran away from home. She had no money to buy food. Where is she now? YOU can get there one day!

“My skills are far too ordinary to start running a business…”

Yes, just as ordinary as it is to make clothes, cook food and raise children, right? How come there are fashion brands such as Gucci, Prada, Zara? How come there
are restaurant chains such as McDonald's and KFC worth billions of dollars? How come there are educational institutions such as Harvard? Do they seem ordinary to you? Maybe. But they are definitely useful, important and indispensable! Start looking at things in a new light. You’ll find out that your abilities to sing, arrange drawers, organise events, hold meetings, cook well, clean, speak about cosmetics are actually not so ordinary, but instead sought after. Do you really have to work for a boss? How about becoming a happy, loved and independent woman – an entrepreneur?

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Become A Business Owner In 30 Days

  • Primarily for women
    who want to start up their business, or have started a business and want some much needed support.
  • For “beginners”
    who have an idea or talent
 and want to let the world know about it and thus become independent.
  • For women on maternity leave
    who would like to convert their experience into money by working from home.
  • For college and university students
    who are interested in the possibility of having their own business in future and don’t want to be left behind.
  • For small entrepreneurs
    who are seeking non-traditional methods of business promotion and want to have more time for themselves.


Those who are not willing to get down to work.

Those who don’t want to take on the responsibility for making their dreams come true.

Those who are not serious about developing their business.

  • 1
    10 Video presentations
    Once a WEEK we discuss and analyse different topics necessary for business – with templates and graphs for your easy navigation (15 - 40 minutes).
  • 2
    10 Workbooks
    PDF files that will show you step by step that you can make it. Tips, links and recommendations for your immediate use.
  • 3
    Online consultation 24/7
    Space for your questions or problems. Ask me anything you need to know.
  • 4
    10 MP3 recordings
    You can listen to everything over and over again – in your car, when cooking or playing sport.



  • ABSOLUTELY everything is described clearly and step by step, no empty talk!
  • A TOTAL of 10 original videos!

  • Everything is arranged in a way for you to have enough time to implement in real life the new information that you acquire!

  • Possibility of getting feedback – if there’s anything you don’t completely understand, or if you need an extra TIP, let me know in a message under the videos and I’ll attend to your needs.

  • Unrestricted access – as soon as you join, you receive unlimited access. You can log in from anywhere in the world and play the videos as many times as you like.

  • POSSIBILITY to download audios in MP3 format – for your mobile, car, when away on holiday.
    Keep progressing – by listening to the course in MP3 format even when relaxing on your sofa.


  • Workbooks perfectly complement the VIDEOS and help you on your way to being a happy entrepreneur!
  • You’ll find extra TIPS and RECOMMENDATIONS there to assist you to multiply the benefits gained from the course.
  • Thanks to a sophisticated system of workbooks, we monitor your progress and growth in your business field.
  • Workbooks are printable. The format is optimised for all browsers and printers.
  • You have them on hand at all times. Are you travelling? Are you going on holiday? Are you offline? You can always take the little package of riches with you.


  • Become a member of a group of people who follow their dreams and know what they want. Share you experience. Walk the path of success together with others.

  • Get in touch with others and exchange important contacts in the VIP Facebook group.

  • Go networking, write, communicate. The group is here for you.

  • Do you need answers to your questions or do you have problems making a decision? Ask and others will help you. Everything is FREE. AT ALL TIMES.

  • Communicate directly with me. I’m here to help.


What does the total course comprise?

  • 1
    10 Video presentations
    Once a WEEK we discuss and analyse different essential business topics – with templates and graphs for your easy navigation (15 - 40 minutes).
  • 2
    10 Workbooks
    PDF files to show you that you can make it, taking it step by step. Tips, links and recommendations for your immediate use.
  • 3
    24/7 Online consultation
    Space for your questions or problems. I respond daily.
  • 4
    10 MP3 recordings
    Listen to everything over and over again – in your car, when cooking or playing sport.

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Video course is in the online format. Videos from are embedded into our website. It works on all operating systems.

Good wifi is required. Your private access to online course will be delivered via email in 5min after your purchase.


  • 1
    Do I have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?
You’ll get a clear outline of what business requires, the relevant risks and what you should watch out for. They say that “fortune favours the prepared mind”. And this really is true. Thanks to this lesson, you’ll get to see things from
    a bird’s eye view and get to know everything that is essential before actually starting up a business. There is also an exercise to test your entrepreneurial skills. Are you already looking forward to it?
  • 2
    How do you find a good business idea?

    You can imagine yourself doing many different things. But how do you choose from the options you have and find the direction in which you should be heading? The one that will bring you a sense of self-fulfilment as well as financial gain? We take an unbiased view of the fields in which it pays to do business in the 21st century and which are things of the past. And how to make the most of your business. So, start searching for your ideas in the drawer.
  • 3
    How do you transform an idea into a product?
Now you know which idea you want to implement. You’ve done the test that is part of the course and you’re ready to take your first step! But how? How can you turn an idea into something that will sell well? In this lesson, you learn how to go about it, practically and with ease. You’ll see that your private home dilemma will become child’s play. I’m here to guide you step by step.
  • 4
    How do you win your customers’ favour and create a product that sells well?
Hurray! Your product has seen the light of day. What now? Well, you need some customers, but it’s not always easy to find them, unless you’re a celebrity! Do you know what? We’re going to make one out of you! Don’t worry, it’s not necessary to become an absolute extrovert. I’ll show you how to attract the right clients to your door. You won’t need to go anywhere.
  • 5
    How and why should you create a business plan?
Now you have taken your first baby steps. You know what success tastes like, you’ve got in touch with your potential customers and you have gained some experience. It is high time to think about what to do next. Don’t settle for a little. You should have a business plan and I help you to create one! The plan will accompany you on every step you take. It will help you to see clearly where you’re heading. And it won’t let you settle for a little or even failure.
  • 6
    How can you fund your business?
Once you have your business plan, it’s good to think big. How can you expand your business activities? And where can you obtain the necessary funds? You don’t have millions to spare in your bank account? Never mind. I have many tips and instructions for how you can make it and find great partners on your journey to independence and a dream life. I can’t wait to see you smile while listening to this lesson. Let’s get down to it.
  • 7
    How do you establish relations with suppliers of your product or services?

    Suppliers may often destroy your business through their conduct. They may not deliver in time. They may be irresponsible. And in doing this, they damage your reputation. Enough of that! I’ll show you how to choose the ideal suppliers, get them on your side and build a really strong relationship with them. Otherwise your business may fall like a house of cards…
  • 8
    What is networking and how can you make use of it?

    Going out and meeting people is always pleasant. Well, as long as you are self-confident... If the contrary is the case, it may cause some real problems for your business! How should you present yourself to others? What should you say? What should you avoid? What should you do to be attractive, friendly, without getting confused?
  • 9
    How can you communicate with customers on the Internet and sell successfully?

    The Ice Age is over, now there’s the Internet Age! You know what I mean – everybody is on their mobiles and writing on keypads. I’ll show you how to save hundreds of hours, while earning many times more than at present, thanks to the Internet. Are you not an Internet geek? It doesn’t matter. I wasn’t either. And now I’m sharing all my experience with you in this great online course so that you will succeed in your field!
  • 10
    How can you communicate offline with customers and sell successfully?

    The offline and online worlds are different. The difference is rather small, but crucial! A friend of mine lapped up this lesson six times in a row! Not only will you understand the difference, but you will learn HOW TO PUT IT INTO PRACTICE IN REAL LIFE. Are you no great talent when it comes to selling? I show you how to stay the way you are and still be able to sell well. WARNING: as soon as you start applying this in practice, people might not want to leave your side!


Become A Business Owner In 30 Days

If I don’t find the training course interesting, I can write to Alexandra and she will refund the total price to me, while I retain access to the contents.

I run no risk, I can only gain.


I never got to know my father. I lived alone with my mother until I was six. My mother was a single mother and taking care of a small child wasn’t exactly easy for her. When I was six years old, we started living with my step-father.

Things were fine at the beginning, but my puberty and later my step-father’s “second puberty” complicated many things.

Even those times later proved useful in my business, as I learnt to be independent and to get used to coping with problems. I knew I had to overcome obstacles myself, by doing what was required and by not wasting any time waiting or thinking too much about the past.

I didn’t undertake studies in Economics, but in Cosmetics.

Interesting, isn’t it? Almost like in the movie “Legally Blonde”, with the exception that I have dark hair and I’ve actually never worked as a beautician.

My head was full of ideals and I wanted to get ahead. Business – that was what my heart was telling me to do.

Then I met my husband and started working for his company.

At first, people looked down at me, but the truth is that I have never received anything free of charge. I had to go the “American way”, starting from scratch and working my way up. I tried out my first projects and also experienced my first let-downs.

Actually, the very first project was an absolute fiasco. I started doing business in the Internet industry of which I knew nothing. I was 23, didn’t have much know-how and somehow thought that things would happen automatically.

I launched an employment website, wanting to fill the gap in the market. At that time, there were only a few big players and I saw an opportunity in that.

But I didn’t know much about doing business.

You can probably imagine what happened next. After two years of hard work and sleepless nights, I called this business attempt quits.

I spent many days lying at home and weeping in my pillow. However, my dreams and desires motivated me and drove me on. Something in my mind-set changed and I was determined not to leave things like that.

I became aware of all the mistakes I had made, after working for nine years in consultancy, during which I managed six companies and met many entrepreneurs and dealt with their problems.

But my big dream was – and still is – something else.

When working for our company, almost all the people I met were men. There were only very few female entrepreneurs among our clients and when a woman came to us, she was usually mousey and lacking in self-confidence. This led me to think about writing a book on how women could be successful in business.

It was at a time when I had completed my MBA Leadership programme and, thanks to several years of hands-on experience, I had something to offer.

The breaking point was when a good friend of mine came to see me and said at the door: “I want to do business. I can bake great cakes.” I was very happy to hear that.

In fact, I was over the moon! I’ve always admired passionate and determined people.

But then my friend went on: “But I can’t do it. I don’t know how to go about it. It’s all so complicated that I think I’d better stay in my job.”

No way! Why? She was so skilful and hardworking. She had all the necessary talents and qualities. Her customers would love her. I didn’t understand it. I saw her enthusiasm, her possibilities and hated the very thought of her spending a career locked up in an office, working to accomplish someone else’s dream, while secretly searching for recipes on the Internet.

So I decided to help her start her own business. I went to see her in her home, we spread papers out on the table and started making plans while sipping coffee. It was hard work, but it was worth it.

I watched her first successes with pride and almost burst with joy. And I wanted more. I needed more.

I decided to help women crank up their businesses and wrote a book called Being Your Own Boss, which provides a lot of advice and recommendations and describes the necessary steps for running the business you long for.

In 2010, my husband and I founded Meriglobe Advisory House. Meriglobe is a result of the merger of six of our companies. Currently, it is an international advisory company with headquarters in London. I gained experience especially in human resource management, the creation and sales of products, formation of company strategy and the like... And then I could really get down to passing on my experience to others and changing their lives for the better.

And I can also change your life.

So let’s do it!

Video course is in the online format. Videos from are embedded into our website. It works on all operating systems.

Good wifi is required. Your private access to online course will be delivered via email in 5min after your purchase.


Become A Business Owner In 30 Days

 If I don’t find the contents interesting, I can write to Alexandra and she will refund the total price to me, while I retain access to the contents.

I run no risk, I can only gain.


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